Tuesday, 17 May 2011

...And Blog was Beginning

Hello. I am Devin. A while ago I said something so hilarious I decided to make a blog several months after. However, yesterday, I experienced a typical phone call to my friend who has a clone who is also her friend. And my friend. You can tell them apart because their fur is different. This is how it went:

The moral of this story is that: "One must wait until after a phone call to ask about what was said, or you will catch on fire"

Here is a list of things my blog will give you in life:
  • Nuggets of useful wisdom
  • Laughter
  • Herpies
  • The most up to date and accurate news on what my clone friends do


  1. YOU, good sir, are a GENIUS!

  2. YOU my invaluable FRIEND, are a STAH

  3. Great work, Devin. Keep them going.